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Introducing WholeMoon

Introducing WholeMoon

Say goodbye to
plant-based beverages as you know them.

See plant-based beverages in a new light.

So long to minimal nutritional value. Toodle-loo to doctoring texture using added oil. And good riddance to watery-yet-chalky, altogether unpleasant-tasting plant-based options.

Now allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re WholeMoon. We create plant-based beverages that deliver whole protein and a deliciously creamy taste. By blending together whole-roasted ingredients like soybeans, almonds, oats, and pistachios, we make something uniquely nutritious, fulfilling, and well-rounded. Something so irresistible, you won’t just want a full glass. You’ll want seconds.

So grab a cup, bowl, or your favorite mug, and enjoy plant-based beverages as they were meant to be enjoyed—with all the nutrition and flavor that nature intended.

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